How To Fill In Billydex Entries

1) No overpowered Billymon. Dark/Dragon with godly stats who learns Aeroblast/Crunch/Dragonbreath/Sacredfire? Rejected. Byebye.
2) No type saturation. If you notice a certain type being already dominant, don't make yours that type. Try to use the lesser-used types.
3) Your moves must make sense. A fighting type learning Thunderbolt does not make sense.
4) Your entry will be checked and rebalanced as necessary. The nerfhammer spares nobody.
5) Your entry is not valid unless it is linked in the main Billydex.
6) Note that this is based on Fire Red. No D/P/P moves like Close Combat or any abilities/TMs/HMs not in Fire Red.
7) Evolutions can only be one of the following: Level, Happiness, Atk>/=/<Def at level XX, Item (Sun, Moon, Fire, Water, Leaf and Thunder Stones).
8) If you reserve a spot and it is not filled after a certain amount of time, and that spot is in demand, you will lose it.

First, if you are a member, reserve your number at the main Billydex.

Then create your own page at the panel to the left. For example, if your Billymon is named Mari, then make a page with the URL billydex:mari with the page title Mari.

Use this template to create your own Billymon! To copy it, go to the template page, click on + Options in the bottom left, then click on Page Source, and copy that.

Once you are done, be sure to link the page to the main Billydex.

Note that entries are subject to editing for spelling, grammar and balance purposes.

You may also create your own sprites. Follow that link to see how.

Resources for creating Billymon:
Pokedex (to see base stats of actual Pokemon):
Ability List:
Move List:
TM/HM List:
Egg Groups: Monster, Field, Plant, Flying, Fairy, Bug, Mineral, Chaos, Water1, Water2, Water3, Humanshape, Dragon, Ditto, None

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