Billymon Wiki

Billymon is a project headed by Mari. It is a romhack of Pokemon Fire Red based on players of Billy VS Snakeman.

Update for 04/14/09

  • Updates are slowing down. I urge everyone to invite more people to make entries, or permission to use their names for such. I'm a bit occupied for this week myself. After this week, if there is no choice left, I will introduce this project publicly on the official forums to generate more interest.

Update for 03/22/09

  • We have a forum! Click on the link in the sidebar. You can post as long as you have a wikidot account.
  • We need a complete Billydex list first. Please see the howto to find out how to make your own. You can only do this if you are a member, so apply here.
  • We also have an IRC. #BvS-Billymon.
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